The New Plane

The New Plane

Called the New Plane, due to its relative newness, this recently created and largely unexplored world is not only vast, but continually growing. No one is quite sure why, though dark whispers mention both Gods and Devils and devious plots, but one day the New plane simply came into being. The how, is somewhat more known than the why. It appears that an unusually large portion of the Feywild, had worlfallen and remained in the mortal realm for about a week. Many noted scholars investigated the incident, and many postulated that for such a large region to move, and remain, in such a relatively stable fashion, that there was a good chance that the move was permanent. This lead to rather disturbing conjecture concerning the nature of the relationships between the feywild, the shadowfell, the mortal plane, and the possibility that one might be able to travel to another entirely and permanently.

As hysteria over the possibility of permanent relocation reached fever pitch, the lands that had worldfallen gave people something new to consider. Earthquakes racked both the land in the mortal plane, and its mirror in the feywild. Not multiple earthquakes, but one continuous quaking, that would ebb and flow in intensity, from a slight rumbling that could only barely be felt, to an intense roiling of the land that left trees and buildings leveled flat. Some claimed that it was a sign that the worlds were struggling to shift back, others claimed that the plains that the small shards had fallen to were rejecting them as unnatural, and trying to destroy them as the body destroys germs. Time would prove everyone wrong.

After a week, the earthquakes suddenly stopped, and the lands simply disappeared. Towns that were once hundreds of miles apart, now stood within view of each other. The sea, forests, and even mountains seemingly shifted without notice, to accommodate the missing land in both Planes, as if it had always been so. Meanwhile a large storm began to break off the new coast. Dark clouds hastily swirled and churned, and lightning struck down at the sea below. People waited for the storm to move towards land, but it did not, as it did not seem to diminish in size or intensity. Anticipation for a storm that would never come grew, and instead of the storm, a message came.

A small sailing craft, harried by the winds and lightning of the storm hastily sailed from the storm 7 days after its inception. Upon landing, the small crew of fisherman aboard told a strange tail. According to the sailors, they had come from a small fishing village along the now disappeared coast. They said that when the earthquakes stopped, that the sky had suddenly grown dark, that the horizon in every direction began to glow a malevolent red, and then the stars had hastily began to shift across the sky. They moved and darted like a cloud of glowing gnats, for almost an hour before they suddenly disappeared completely.

When stillness, and darkness had consumed their hearts, and they had feared that the end was near, that was when everything changed again. The men claimed to have seen it, the birth of a Plane. They recall how suddenly a sourceless light had begun to banish the darkness. How that light grew, and when it turned to the brightness of day, they could see the new world around them. They saw the see extending itself, as if the water were rising up from nowhere, they saw mountains fall from the sky, and trees sprout from the ground to form new land that looked thousands of years formed. They say this all continued for hours, before the land being created was out of their sight.

Not long after, a storm began to grow, out over the ocean on the horizon, barely in sight of land. It was violent as any storm ever seen, with lightning and clouds dark as pitch, yet it did not move or die. After a few days, they had decided to investigate, and see what could be causing this storm, only to find that once they had sailed into it, they had sailed back out into the mortal world again.

The days after would bring discovery that the shard from the Feywild had also disappeared, and apparently merged with the shard from the mortal world to create this new plane. This was evidenced further by the fact that the storm that was seen in the mortal world, was not only duplicated in the New Plane, but also the Feywild. What is more, traveling into the storm, from any of the worlds allowed one to visit any of the others, depending on which direction one chose to exit the storm from.

Initial shock over what had occurred was temporary. Individuals seeking wealth, power, or just a new start all saw this as an opportunity to get what they wanted, and waves of adventurers struck out to the new realm, to discover, create, and make a fortune or perhaps a name for themselves. Cities, and boomtowns began to spring up, as a frontier was born.

The New Plane

The New Plane DeeEmm