Rauen Fields

Rauen Fields is the name of a small clearing roughly 1.5 square miles in size. It boarders the Denner river to the west, and sits upon a rise just north of the main road leading into Rauen giving it an excellent view of the lay of the land, and makes it strategically important.

By the time you had arrived, it seems that word of approaching forces had already reached the town, and it had been abandoned by its inhabitants. From the vantage of the field the whole town could be seen, its streets lined with debris left by fleeing citizens. A chair here, a cart missing a wheel there. The clutter seemed to follow a pattern, like the markings left in sand by flowing water as it pulls to a narrow point. So too the flow of the fleeing citizens could be traced by what they had left, as it concentrated heaviest near the main road and extended far out along that road on the opposite side of town.

After issuing commands to have camp set up, two squads are sent into town to investigate; yours, and the 7th, also know as they Fey Feet.

The 7th and your squad split up upon entering the town and find what you expected to, which is to say, nothing. The town lays empty, devoid of life with the exception of a few stray animals that roam the streets.

After a cursory inspection you return to the town square to meet with the 7th squad to hear their report. Much like you, they found nothing. You were prepared to exit, when you noticed a small wisp of smoke puffing up above the roofs a few streets down from where you stood. It was coming from the block of houses you had checked no less than 10 minutes ago. They 7th said they would give the reason for your delay back at camp and decided to return while your squad investigated.

By the time you get to the source of the smoke you see it is coming from a small house. When you opened the doors, you could see that in their haste, the owners had left without extinguishing their fire, and a hot coal had rolled out and caught the tablecloth which had burned, filling the room with smoke, but luckily nothing else had caught. Not wanting to be responsible for the town burning down, you doused the coals, and searched for other stray embers, when suddenly your work was interrupted.

The house shook slightly, quivering like a sword brought to bear against a stone. Then the shaking turned into a tremor accompanied by a groan, as if the earth itself was crying out. This was followed by a moment of silence, then several smaller booms, as if someone was felling trees in the distance. Large trees.

Your squad hastily exited the house, and upon orienting yourselves realized that the noises were coming from the direction of your camp. You hastened down the road, the booms lessening, and as you neared, you could hear faint screaming. Faint, not because of their intensity but because of the distance.

The last minute of your run back to the camp was completed in silence. No talking between compatriots, no booms, not even the distant shrieks and screams from earlier. As you crested the hill, a terrible sight met your eyes. The camp lay in ruins, huge ruts torn into the earth, tents and wagons toppled haphazardly, and bodies, twisted, mutilated bodies everywhere. Some looked as if they had been cut down by blades, and others looked as if they had been simply broken like a tree caught in a high wind, limbs twisted at wrong angles. You checked for survivors, but the ominous silence told you, even before you looked, what you would find.

As the initial shock wore off, suddenly the realization of what had just happened lead to the panic of what was to be done? Should you stay, what if whatever did this came back, why had this been done, who could you turn to, what if you were blamed? Soon, an even more important question was asked. You had noticed when searching the corpses, that none of the members of the 7th had been found amongst them, and none of them were here searching as you were.

You gathered what meager supplies you could and set out, not knowing what dangers may lay behind you, or what may be ahead of you, nor even why they were. The only thing you knew for certain, was that the 7th was somewhere, and that they perhaps new the answers to some of these questions. Answers that your very lives may depend upon.

Rauen Fields

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