Port Storm

Port Storm

Port storm is a bustling harbor boom town. What was originally a small fishing village in the mortal realm has grown over the past 50 years since the New Plane’s creation to become a center of commerce. Since the only current means of traveling from the New Plane seem to be through the storm that gives the City its name, it is a destination that is on almost everyone’s travel plans. Even thoughs traveling from the feywild to the mortal realm, or vice versa, find it convenient to make a stop in Port Storm before heading to their final destination.

The town is surrounded by 3 moats, with a 4th under construction. The moats were erected to keep out the rather vicious wildlife that inhabits the New Plane. As the city grew, a new moat further out had to be erected, allowing people to build up in the new lands protected behind the new fortifications. As evidenced by the rapid growth of the town over such a short time, the fourth moat is not likely to be the last.

The harbor is the heart of the city, and is lined with warehouses, and several trading houses that are arranged and organized by the local merchant guilds. The south of the harbor is home to a small fleet of warships, as well as the barracks that house a large contingent of guards that discourage lawless behavior that seems to plague the rest of the new frontier. This is one of the few cities in the New Plane that can be considered to have a modicum of order.

Not far from the harbor and the trade houses is the home of the Council of Merchants. The city is ran by a council where each member is the head of a trading guild. The guilds work in unison to keep trade lively, crime low, and goods flowing into and out of the city. Surprisingly, dispute between the guild houses is almost non-existent as they are more concerned with keeping Quian’s Keep from gaining too much influence and hold over their city. The Council Building is a large stone structure, that is raised several stories, above the flat city, on multiple stone platforms. These platforms are then hollowed in the center to give it the appearance of a giant stone chalice. Long wooden posts reach out over the open air assembly, with orange canvas sheets stretched between them to hold shade proceedings, or keep out the occaisional rain.

The rest of the inner city is dedicated to workshops and guildhouses. The guildhouses are not for trading, and are actual small fortified palaces that house the members of the guilds, and allow them to entertain visiting merchants or nobility.

The strip between the first and second Ring is often reffered to as the “holy” arch. This strip is dominated by several Temples dedicated to numerous gods. The fact that the city is such a cultural hodgepodge means that there are a number of gods that are represented that usually would not be seen in the same area. The largest temple by far is dedicated to Erathis, and was constructed with money donated from the first guild established in the city who were survivors from the town that was pulled from the mortal realm. The other temples range in grandeur, but none are as large, oft visited, or impressive as the one to Erathis. There are temples for every good and neutral deity, some sharing temples such as Melora and Sehanine, and others such as Ioun having their own grounds. This ring is also home to the nicer inns in the city.

The strip between the second and third moats is home to a sprawling array of taverns, inns, shops, and of course slums. This area is notably les lawless than the other areas, though the cities militia do make several rounds through the strip each day. Still, it is notably rougher than the rest of the city, and those who are foolish enough to not watch their tongue or their coin purses may find themselves soon deprived of both. There are also small docks bristling the edges of the moat where small craft can dock, and cross the moat to the roads beyond.

Port Storm

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