Lord Mannis D'Lucean


A tall and severe looking man, of dark complexion. He would be tall if not for his hunched posture, that does not really diminish his considerable size. Looking less like a hunched over man and almost more like a beast about to pounce.

He has soot black hair with wings of gray at the temples, giving an age to him around 45. He speaks in short crisp sentences, as if giving commands even when speaking informally, and is prone to stare without regard to the unease it may cause others.

He goes about unhelmed, feeling that the loss to vision is not worth the added protection. He is rather noticeable though, as he wears a black tunic with three crossed silver swords prominently displayed. He wears a black cloak as well, with a small silver broach designed to be the mirror of the three swords on his tunic. All members of the silver swords are given such a brooch and cloak as to identify them on the field of battle.


Lord Mannis D’Lucean is the leader of the mercenary company known as the Silver Swords. The band is named after a legendary group of fighters who formed to fight off a lycanthropic invasion force. The group gained renown for their prowess in battle, and were named after the silver swords they used in battle, hence the name.

Despite the actions of the past troupe bearing the name, the current Silver Swords do not fight where were-beasts call, but where coin does.

Your interaction and knowledge of this mercenary company is rather limited as you were only with them for less than a month. You were placed into a newly formed command, of four squads, each comprised of 4 men. Yours was 2nd squad, and your tale was a harrowing one.

After joining, you and the rest of your squad became acquainted with one another, wondering when the company would finally find work, and the inevitable coin that came from it. Then finally the word came through the ranks, you were to travel to Rauen Fields and await further orders.

Lord Mannis D'Lucean

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